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    Story Handmade Soap Farm brings you natural handmade soap bars to awaken your senses, and calm your spirit! Welcome to purchase some of our products. You can order online or send us an e-mail if you have any questions!

  • Raw Materials for SALE

    We sell raw materials use for making soap. Visit our store now!

  • Making Breast Milk Soap

    Go ahead and "baby your baby" without the fear of harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. You'll never find mineral oil, petroleum jelly or sodium lauryl sulfate in breast milk soap. Safe, natural and effective!

  • Custom Made Soap

    Each custom-made soap is made individually with your selection of a shape and ingredients. Design a soap based on your own special skin needs and desires.

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  • Where you can find us? Now, except Story Handmade Soap Farm, you also can find us at selected organic shop or pharmacy.
  • Event 27 November 2010 "Carnival of the Green" at Bercham, Ipoh...

Raw Materials for Sale

Posted by Story Handmade Soap Farm On 20:26

鉴于现今大马的手工皂制作业才刚起步,许多原料得来不易,因此,手工皂物语坊特别为各位同好提供这项供应制作手工皂原料的服务。 以下所列价钱皆是不二价,我们欢迎各位同好成为我们的喜皂乐员,以享有2年10%折扣的会员价,和一个20%一次性折扣的优惠,并且能获得一个手工皂样品礼袋。详情请看《您成为喜皂乐员了吗?》

我们供应以下原料与用具:(08/03/2013 更新)
如缺货,需等待店家补货,请联络店家 。

工具 Tools
(Member get 5% discount in this category, and not valid for 20% discount offer)
编号 CODE 产品名 Item 产品名 Item价钱 Price
10001150度酒精温度计(台湾) Alcohol thermometer 150˚RM12.00
10002玻璃搅拌棒 Glass Stirring Stick RM3.00
10003皂用PVC保鲜膜 15cm X 200m / PVC Cling Film for SoapRM24.00
10004皂用PVC保鲜膜 20cm X 200m / PVC Cling Film for SoapRM35.00
10005皂用麻绳 Hemp ropeRM5.00
10006原木皂模切割架 Wood Soap Packing SetRM120.00
10007原木切皂组Wood Cutting SoapRM180.00
10008原木修皂器Wood TrimmersRM108.00
10009切皂器钢线 Steel Wire(For Cutter Set)3 StripsRM10.00
10010渲染皂模用具 Rendering Soap MoldRM100.00

瓶瓶罐罐 Bottles
(Member get 5% discount in this category, and not valid for 20% discount offer)
编号 CODE 产品名 Item 说明 Description单位 Unit 价钱 Price
20001全透明唇膏管 6g Lipstick Bottle- Transparency 6gUnitRM0.80
20001/12全透明唇膏管 6g-12支Lipstick Bottle- Transparency 6g-12unitsBagRM8.50
20002粉红白身唇膏管 5g Lipstick Bottle-Pink+White 5gUnitRM1.20
20003皇冠造型唇膏管 6g Lipstick Bottle-Imperial crown 6gUnitRM1.50
20004韩国唇膏管-紫色5g Korean Lipstick Bottle-Purple Color 5gUnitRM2.00
20004/7韩国唇膏管-紫色5g-7支 Korean Lipstick Bottle-Purple Color 5g-7unitsBagRM10.00
20005韩国唇膏管-绿色5g Korean Lipstick Bottle-Green Color 5gUnitRM2.00
20005/7韩国唇膏管-绿色5g-7支 Korean Lipstick Bottle-Green Color 5g-7unitsBagRM10.00
20006韩国唇膏管-蓝色5g Korean Lipstick Bottle-Blue Color 5gUnitRM2.00
20006/7韩国唇膏管-蓝色5g-7支 Korean Lipstick Bottle-Blue Color 5g-7unitsBagRM10.00
20007韩国唇膏管-黄色5g Korean Lipstick Bottle-Yellow Color 5gUnitRM2.00
20007/7韩国唇膏管-黄色5g-7支 Korean Lipstick Bottle-Yellow Color 5g-7unitsBagRM10.00
20008韩国唇膏管-方形5g Korean Lipstick Bottle-Square 5gUnitRM2.50
2001010ml 精油瓶子 10ml Essential BottleUnitRM1.50
2001150ml 精油瓶子 10ml Essential BottleUnitRM3.00
20012100ml 精油瓶子 100ml Essential BottleUnitRM5.00

原料 Material
(Member get 5% discount in this category, and not valid for 20% discount offer)
编号 CODE 产品名 Item 说明 Description单位 Unit 价钱 Price
30001透明皂基 1kg Transparency Soap Base 1kg UnitRM23.00
30001/5kg透明皂基 5kg Transparency Soap Base 5kg UnitRM95.00
30002白色皂基 1kg White Soap Base 1kg UnitRM23.00
30001/5kg白色皂基 5kg White Soap Base 5kg UnitRM95.00
3000395% 酒精 95% Alcohol125mlRM8.00
30004手工皂用萤光色粉 Soap Color10gRM12.00
30005植物性甘油 Glycerin 500mlRM20.00
30006MP皂用色素-红 MP Soap Coloring-Red 20mlRM12.00
30007MP皂用色素-黄 MP Soap Coloring-Yellow 20mlRM12.00
30008MP皂用色素-蓝 MP Soap Coloring-Blue 20mlRM12.00

模具 Mold
(Member get 5% discount in this category, and not valid for 20% discount offer)
编号 CODE 产品名 Item 说明 Description单位 Unit 价钱 Price
40001长方形吐司模(含木盒)1500g Rectangular Soap Mold 1500g UnitRM200.00

基础油 Base Oil
(Member get 10% discount in this category, and valid for 20% discount Offer)
编号 CODE 产品名 Item 说明 Description500g / ml 1000g / ml
50001初榨可可脂-精致微黄 Refined Cocoa Butter Yellowish RM80.00RM125.00
50002初榨可可脂-未精致 Unrefined Cocoa Butter RM70.00RM110.00
50003初榨可可脂-精致纯白 Refined Cocoa Butter Pure White RM80.00RM125.00
50004白棕榈油 White Palm Oil RM10.00RM15.00
50005精致乳油木果脂 Refined Shea Butter RM55.00RM85.00
50006未精致乳油木果脂-淡香 Unrefined Shea Butter Light Flavor RM40.00RM70.00
50007未精致乳油木果脂-香浓 Unrefined Shea Butter Great Flavor RM40.00RM70.00
50008精致棕榈核仁油 Refined Palm Kernel Oil RM20.00RM32.00
50009精致椰子油 Refined Coconut Oil -RM20.00
50009(5L)精致椰子油5公升 Refined Coconut Oil 5 Liter -RM90.00
50011冷压榛果油 Cold Pressed Hazelnut Oil RM80.00RM125.00
50012冷压山茶花油 Cold Pressed Camellia Oil RM80.00RM125.00
50014精致冷压酪梨油 Refined Cold Pressed Avocado Oil RM82.50RM125.00
50015未精致冷压酪梨油 Unrefined Cold Pressed Avocado Oil RM82.50RM125.00
50016精致蓖麻油Refined Castor Oil -RM24.00
50017精致桐油Refined Tung Oil -RM32.00
50018冷压甜杏仁油(EP级) Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil (Grade:EP) RM48.00RM80.00
50019冷压杏桃核仁油 Cold Pressed Apricot Kernal Oil RM48.00RM80.00
50021冷压小麦胚芽油 Cold Pressed Wheat Germ Oil RM55.00RM90.00
50022化妆品级冷压芝麻油 Cold Pressed Sesame Oil RM55.00RM90.00
50023紫草浸泡橄榄油 Purple Gromwell Root Infused Olive Oil RM32.00RM58.00
50025棕榈油 Palm Oil -RM18.00
50025(5L)棕榈油5公升 Palm Oil 5 Liter -RM81.00
50026纯橄榄油 Pure Olive Oil -RM32.00
50026(5L)纯橄榄油5公升 Pure Olive Oil 5Liter -RM145.00

编号 CODE 产品名 Item 说明 Description200ml500ml1000ml
50010冷压黄金荷荷芭油 Golden Virgin Jojoba OilRM78.00RM178.00RM320.00
50013冷压玫瑰果油 Cold Pressed Rose Hip OilRM80.00RM180.00RM330.00
50020冷压月见草油 Cold Pressed Everning Primrose OilRM65.00RM150.00RM260.00

植物粉与矿泥 Plants & Herbs Powder & Clay & Mud
(Member get 10% discount in this category, and valid for 20% discount offer)
编号 CODE 产品名 Item 说明 Description50g 100g
60001高岭土 Kaolin -RM8.00
60002圣海伦火山泥 Mount St.Helens Volcanic Ash RM18.00RM32.00
60003大堡礁深海泥 Great Barrier Reef Deep Sea Mud RM22.00RM35.00
60004纳米级火山矿泥 Nano VolcanicAsh RM6.00RM11.00
60005绿石泥粉 Green Clay Powder RM10.00RM18.00
60006红石泥粉 Red Clay Powder RM10.00RM18.00
60007蓝石泥粉 Blue Clay Powder RM10.00RM18.00
60008粉红石泥粉 Pink Clay Powder RM10.00RM18.00
60009备长碳细粉 Charcoal Powder RM10.00RM18.00
60010玫瑰果细粉 Rose Hips Powder RM10.00RM18.00
60011芙蓉粉 Hibiscus Powder RM10.00RM18.00
60012香茅粉 Citronella Powder RM10.00RM18.00
60013复合天然海藻粉 Complex Natural Seaweed Powder RM12.00RM22.00
60014正青黛粉 Indigo powder RM18.00RM30.00
60015紫草根细粉 Purple Gromwell Root Powder RM23.00RM43.00
60016紫苏籽细粉 Perilla Seed Powder RM10.00RM18.00
60017黑玫瑰籽细粉 Black Rose Seed Powder RM14.00RM23.00
60018低温研磨艾草细粉 Mugwort Powder RM18.00RM30.00
60019马鞭草细粉 Verbena Powder RM18.00RM30.00
60020柠檬草细粉 Lemongrass Powder RM18.00RM30.00
60021白首乌细粉(美白) Baishouwu Powder(Whitening) RM18.00RM30.00
60022何首乌细粉 Polygonum multiflorum Powder RM18.00RM30.00
60023薄荷叶细粉 Peppermint Leaf Powder RM18.00RM30.00
60024金盏花细粉 Marigolds Powder RM18.00RM30.00
60025薰衣草细粉 Lavender Powder RM18.00RM30.00
60026月见草细粉 Everning Primrose Powder RM18.00RM30.00
60027蓝莓果细粉 Blueberry Fruit Powder RM18.00RM30.00
60028茉莉花细粉 Jasmine Powder RM18.00RM30.00
60029洋甘菊细粉 Chamomile Powder RM18.00RM30.00
60030玫瑰花细粉 Rose Powder RM18.00RM30.00
60031玫瑰稼细粉 Roselle Powder RM18.00RM30.00
60032广藿香细粉 Patchouli Powder RM18.00RM30.00
60033国宝级檜木粉 Hinoki Wood PowderRM20.00RM35.00
60034绿无患子粉 Green soapberry PowderRM25.00RM45.00
60035红麴细粉 Red Yeast Rice PowderRM18.00RM30.00
60036佛手柑细粉 Bergamot PowderRM25.00RM45.00
60037红檀细粉 Red sandalwood PowderRM25.00RM45.00
60038紫檀细粉 Purple sandalwood PowderRM25.00RM45.00
60039胭脂树细粉 Annatto PowderRM25.00RM45.00
60040红景天细粉 Rhodiola powderRM18.00RM30.00
60041迷迭香细粉 Rosemary PowderRM18.00RM30.00
60042桃花细粉 Peach Blossom PowderRM18.00RM30.00
60043葡萄籽细粉 Grape Seed PowderRM18.00RM30.00
60044桑叶细粉 Mulberry Leaf PowderRM18.00RM30.00
60045益母草细粉 Motherwort PowderRM12.00RM22.00
60046姜黄细粉 Turmeric PowderRM18.00RM30.00
60047山药细粉 Chinese Yam PowderRM18.00RM30.00
60048小麦苗细粉 Wheat grass PowderRM18.00RM30.00
60049牛蒡细粉 Burdock root PowderRM23.00RM43.00
60050乳香细粉 Frankincense PowderRM18.00RM30.00
60051没药细粉 Myrrh PowderRM18.00RM30.00
60052康仙花细粉 Camellia Freesia PowderRM23.00RM43.00
60053紫玫瑰花细粉 Purple Rose PowderRM18.00RM30.00
60054粗碾綠藻粉 Chlorella Powder(Crude)RM18.00RM30.00
60055丝瓜络粉 Loofah PowderRM18.00RM30.00
60056天然海藻粉 Seaweed PowderRM12.00RM22.00

花瓣与药草 Flowers & Herbs
(Member get 10% discount in this category, and valid for 20% discount offer)
编号 CODE 产品名 Item 说明 Description价格 Price
70001金盏花瓣 50g Marigolds 50gRM15.00
70002紫草根 50g Purple Gromwell Root 50gRM18.00
70003马鞭草 50g Verbena 50gRM15.00
70004柠檬草 50g Lemongrass 50gRM15.00
70005薰衣草 50g Lavender 50gRM15.00
70006罗马洋甘菊花苞 50g Rome Chamomile flower 50gRM15.00

萃取液 Extract
(Member get 10% discount in this category, and valid for 20% discount offer)
编号 CODE 产品名 Item 说明 Description价格 Price
80001葡萄柚萃取液(GSE) 50ml Grapefruit seed Extract(GSE) 50mlRM60.00
80002何首乌萃取液 50ml Polygonum multiflorum Extract 50mlRM38.00
80003无患子萃取液 50ml Soapberry Extract 50mlRM20.00
80004红酒多酚萃取液 10ml Red Wine Extract 10mlRM12.00
80005薄荷脑 50g Menthol 50gRM25.00
80005/100薄荷脑 100g Menthol 100gRM45.00
80006无酒精巴西蜂胶 30ml Brazilian propolis 30ml (Without Alcohol)RM200.00

精油系列 Essential Oil
(Member get 10% discount in this category, and valid for 20% discount offer)
编号 CODE产品名 Item说明 Description10ml 50ml 100ml
90006绿薄荷精油 Spearmint Essential OilRM14.00RM60.00RM110.00
90007檜木精油 Hinoki Wood Essential OilRM14.00RM60.00RM110.00
90008雪松精油 Cedar Essential OilRM14.00RM60.00RM110.00
90009药用樟脑精油 Camphor Essential OilRM14.00RM60.00RM110.00
90010乳香精油 Frankincense Essential OilRM14.00RM60.00RM110.00
90011法国薰衣草精油 French Lavender Essential OilRM18.00RM80.00RM140.00
90012马鞭草精油 Verbena Essential OilRM17.00RM72.00RM132.00
90013摩洛哥洋甘菊精油 Chamomile Maroc Essential OilRM17.00RM72.00RM132.00
90014香蜂草精油 Melissa Essential OilRM20.00RM85.00RM156.00
90015广藿香精油 Patchouli Essential OilRM14.00RM60.00RM110.00
90016葡萄柚精油 Grapefruit Essential OilRM14.00RM60.00RM110.00
90017柠檬草精油 Lemongrass Essential OilRM14.00RM60.00RM110.00
90018迷迭香精油 Rosemary Essential OilRM14.00RM60.00RM110.00
90019姜精油 Ginger Essential OilRM14.00RM60.00RM110.00
90020玫瑰天竺葵精油 Rose Geranium Essential OilRM20.00RM85.00RM156.00
90021依兰依兰精油 Ylang Ylang Essential OilRM20.00RM85.00RM156.00
90022绿化百千层精油 Niaouli Essential OilRM17.00RM72.00RM132.00
90023罗勒精油 Basil Essential OilRM17.00RM72.00RM132.00
90024马鬱蘭精油 Sweet marjoram Essential OilRM20.00RM85.00RM156.00
90025安息香精油 Benzoin Essential OilRM14.00RM60.00RM110.00
90026花梨木精油 Rosewood Essential OilRM18.00RM80.00RM140.00
90027鼠尾草精油 Sage Essential OilRM20.00RM85.00RM156.00
90028天竺葵精油 Geranium Essential OilRM20.00RM85.00RM156.00
90029玫瑰草精油 Palmarose Essential OilRM14.00RM60.00RM110.00
90030尤加利精油 Eucalyptus Essential OilRM12.00RM50.00RM92.00
90031丁香精油 Clove Essential OilRM12.00RM50.00RM92.00
90032佛手柑精油 Bergamot Essential OilRM12.00RM50.00RM92.00
90033山鸡椒精油 May Chang Essential OilRM12.00RM50.00RM92.00
90034薄荷精油 Peppermint Essential OilRM12.00RM50.00RM92.00
90035香茅精油 Citronella Essential OilRM12.00RM50.00RM92.00
90036柠檬精油 Lemon Essential OilRM12.00RM50.00RM92.00
90037甜橙精油 Sweet Orange Essential OilRM12.00RM50.00RM92.00
90038百里香精油 Thyme Essential OilRM14.00RM60.00RM110.00
90039茶树精油 Tea Tree Essential OilRM12.00RM50.00RM92.00
90040鹿蹄草精油 Wintergreen Essential OilRM20.00RM85.00RM156.00

香精系列 Essence
(Member get 10% discount in this category, and valid for 20% discount offer)
编号 CODE 产品名 Item 说明 Description10ml
110001保加利亚玫瑰香精 Bulgarian Rose Essence RM8.00
110002真正熏衣草香精 True Lavender Essence RM8.00
110003北海道鲜奶香精 Hokkaido Milk Essence RM8.00
110004瑞穗鲜奶香精 Mizuho Milk Essence RM8.00
110005澎澎Type(金盏花)香精 Marigolds Essence RM8.00
110006澎澎Type(紫罗兰)香精 Violet Essence RM8.00
110007澎澎Type(风信子)香精 Hyacinth Essence RM8.00
110008玫瑰香精 Rose Essence RM8.00
110009香水玫瑰香精 Rose Perfume Essence RM8.00
110010人参香精 Ginseng Essence RM8.00
110011竹子香精 Bamboo Essence RM8.00
110012艾草香精 Mugwort Essence RM8.00
110013松香精 Rosin Essence RM8.00
110014奥图玫瑰香精 Rose Otto Essence RM8.00

自制美容品系列 DIY Skin Care Series
(Member get 10% discount in this category, and valid for 20% discount offer)
编号 CODE 产品名 Item 说明 Description价格
130001特级白蜜蜡 100g Premium White BeesWax 100g RM15.00
130002维他命 E 50g Vintamin E 50g RM38.00
130002/100g维他命 E 100g Vintamin E 50g RM76.00